MRM METALS Trading L.L.C., has founded by Mr. HAKAN AYDEN in 2003 and it is undoubtedly the most prominent company in non- ferrous & ferrous metals stockiest, trader, specialized scrap processor and the stable part of metals recycling , industry’s community and also is the uniquely independent stock holding located in Dubai, UAE. With over a decade experience of industry leading performance, we offer full service supplying of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Our success is strategically linked to our view of both supplier and consumer sharing the position as customer and also commitment toward our treaty with our clients during business period.
With our global presence on the rise from North America to Asia, allowing extensive business hours which our seemingly comparable competitors lack. Time has sharpened our commitment to quality where we were accredited as member of ISRI, BMR and BIR Gold member. By commercially processing scrap, not only have we innovated means of economic influx, we’ve created new methods of recycling and reducing waste. People throughout the world are exploring many “green” options to help protect and salvage the environment we live in. Processing recyclables is a highly effective system to help aid in ecological preservation. MRM Metals is a metal scrap processing and trading company. We trade both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as a commodity. Specifically, our business is concentrated in the I.R., Middle East, East-Europe, South-Russia, Persian Gulf countries and North-Africa, particularly Korea, China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan. Our materials are sourced from various yards. Addition we’re as one of the world’s leading supplier of chemical products and petroleum derivatives such as naphtha, Fuel, alkyd resin, paraffin and bitumen (tar) with the capabilities of a global corporation.
Our commercial team provides coverage of the global markets 24 hours a day; their activity is supported and enhanced by a team of highly trained professionals in the key disciplines of logistics, finance and risk management.

We go further than traditional trading companies by offering a full range of extended services. We work closely with our clients to deliver effective outsourcing services which include supply chain, capital and risk management.
We have built our reputation on four ideals: honesty, reliability, value and that which seems to encompass them all, integrity. All the time, we have been following the business philosophy of customer utmost, forge ahead. And the principle of inventing constantly, regarding technology as the core and the quality as the life. We will provide the products with the best quality and reasonable prices with you. Navigating through our website enables you to access various products and services along all your needful details.

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